INFP again…

Last week while I was in Tahoe here I again took a scaled down version of MB. My results…(I,N,F,P)the purpose of the test administered was to see where some of us young pastors where at on the scale…it was one of the many tests I took prior to ordination as a PCUSA pastor…

The test is usually helpful. Although I have a few friends, even my wife who think I fall more on the "E" rather than the "I." I think it’s because of the youth thang I’ve done for a number of years.

Someone did make the comment which makes sense is that some drop their results like their zodiac sign…"so, what’s your MBTI sign?" Maybe this blogging thing is good for the "I" type of pastor…my problem is that my introverted self hurts from all of the reflecting when I try to blog…I usually need a break from the reflecting…and then I’m too tired to remember what I reflected on…anyways…it’s a good test…helpful…somewhat accurate…a good indicator on how many of us function… it would be interesting to see the make-up of whose who when it comes to presonality types…on our church session boards, our youth leader teams, even our pastors of churches…if they took the time to take the test…It might just help in letting people perform where they fit best within in the four walls of the church…the church might actually be who she’s supposed to be…


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