Going underground…

Simple. Yet profound. It wasn’t huge. Yet it was powerful.  Recalling some of what I took away from YSChap’s ideas…my paraphrase;

1. "Know their names…

Isn’t this the truth? There are days I have total recall and I remember someones name. There are days I can’t even remember my own name let alone someone else’s. There is a pre-school here at our church that I’ve had a wonderful time working with. Monthly I lead a small chapel for a bunch of the kids. This has given me many of an opportunity to meet several of the parents. One day my wife ran into one of the parents at the local elementary school where my kids attend. Deb had a chance to meet this parent and both engaged into some small talk. Deb told me later that this parent commented on the fact that I had remembered her name when I had seen her some where in the community and that she was impressed with this. I believe this is true with our youth. Kids want to be known. Kids wanted to be recognized. They want to be remembered. Knowing their names is a must.

2. "Look them in the eye…
Something about this is powerful. Chap was trying to emphasize the need to connect with kids more then just being that adult authority. Many of the adults in their lives don’t give our kids the time or day when it comes to having that "eye to eye" contact. When you look in a kids eye, you can learn lots about that kid. It also tells the kid that you care about them enough to make eye contact. It tells them that they matter and that they are more then just a kid…and that they are loved and that their life is just as important as ours.

Chap also talked about the need to have a 5-1 ratio of adults to kids. I’ve thought about this and have wondered what this would look like in our youth ministry here at church. Five adults praying, remembering, listening, watching, and celebrating a kids life? What would happen if we got our older generations of our church to participate in this? A kind of behind the scenes mentoring…I can only imagine what could happen…I only would hope that our kids wouldn’t find the need to go into hiding…to run from the junk of life…and to rely on those in their lives who actually care…and what a responsibility for those of us in the church…to not only participate and actually help make this happen…but to help our parents…to equip and to mentor them in the art of loving their kids…in a way that will keep them from feeling the need to go underground…


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