Godipodweb_2Old news…just found it here. My new method for outreach…evangelism…and a chance to proclaim the gospel…how come I never come up with the cool ideas??? Silly Princeton… 

2 thoughts on “Ipod-evangelism…

    Saturday, October 29th, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

    A conference on issues of hunger & globalization – sponsored by Sacramento Presbytery Hunger program. The conference will present workshops to empower people to make a difference in feeding the poor in our country and around the world. Keynote speaker is Anuradha Mittal, a world renowned expert on issues of globalization and it’s effect on the poor. Workshop presenters will be Elizabeth Sholes, Director of Public Policy for the California Council of Churches and Erik Nicholson, Regional Director of the United Farm Workers of America. All presenters will bring valuable insights to will help us become agents of change in our community and state.
    Location: Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1300 N Street in downtown Sacramento. For more information and to make reservations call 916-483-6864. Fee is $15.00 which includes lunch. Parking available behind the church.

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