Day 5…YS


went to a Chap
seminar this morning. I haven’t heard Chap for several years. He was
doing a thing on his new
. I really enjoyed what he was trying to present. Honest and credible
research on middle adolescence. One of the things he was trying to convey and that
I’ve heard before was that programs are nothing. You can have all of the
programs you want in the church, but if you don’t have people, programs are
useless. He also talked about the idea that as youth pastors, pastors, church
leaders, youth leaders, and volunteers that youth ministry is not about us.
It’s about our kids and trying to reach a generation of kid who could give
a rip about church and about our "cool" youth groups. It’s about
trying to reach a kid who cares more about being left alone and wants to be
known…accepted…and loved.

morning Marko closed out the conference. I
love Marko. I love what YS stands for. I love that I’m a small part of
connecting the dots as Karla
told us before praying for all of us at the end of the conference this
afternoon. I love that I get to make a difference in a kid’s life…for the
kingdom. Marko said something that I’m still pondering though…(My paraphrase)
"Youth ministry is about suffering…

what I heard him say (ministry in general) is that in order for us as youth
pastors to effectively minister to our students, we need to know how to suffer.
We need to know how to deal with the "stuff" that happens in our
lives before we can care and love our students. In suffering we come to grips
with the fact that God is about loving us just as we are. Broken and bruised.
When we are able to suffer, we then are able to love our youth in the middle of
their suffering…It was a breathe of fresh air…in that it makes everything
that happens in our lives as youth pastors seem so small knowing that it’s
about our kids…not about us…and it’s about helping them cope with the
"stuff" that life unfortunately throws at them…I have to admit though. It’s not easy…but thanks be to God that he is about restoring us …


2 thoughts on “Day 5…YS

  1. KC:

    Good stuff. I recall John Calvin saying something in the beginnings of “Institutes” (the beginning being the only part I read) about knowledge of ourselves being the beginning of knowledge of God.

    Pretty smart, for a Dead White Guy.


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