Youth Specialties day 4…


David Crowder…want to be him…ok…I need to lose 150 pounds…and I need to grow my gotee a bit longer…worship was amazing. One problem. YS I want my money back…he didn’t sing "Make a Joyful noise…anyways...Sue Thomas was powerful…amazing testimony. I want her faith. Shane and Shane played also. Don’t know who they are. I liked. Third day will be on stage in about a half hour…first time I’ve seen them since they used to do Magic Mountain days in Los Angeles…when they were a wee small band…had a great day. Hung out with some very cool bloggers here and here.


5 thoughts on “Youth Specialties day 4…

  1. hey there! thanks so much for all the help with the prayer stuff! and for lunch today! great to meet you and your great sons! sorry we missed meeting your wife! next time for sure!
    do keep in touch and as i am updating the ole blog, i’ll be adding you to the friends list!
    blessings for a great fall and so glad your guitar made it home safely. lil

  2. hey again! when do you turn 40 anyway! ? really like you book choices!
    and how do you like velvet elvis? george hunsberger (missional church book on your list ) is currently my prof!

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