Day 3…Youth Specialties…

She’s back. I’m blown away. While here today I got a phone call from my wifey. She says, "they found it." I said, "found what?" She says, "your guitar…a half hour later I get a call from a guy named "Tony Casey." He says he ran into a homeless guy near our church. The homeless guy says, "hey some pastor had his office broken into. Someone took his guitar." Tony Casey says, "what kind of guitar is it?" The other guy says, "It’s a takamine." Tony Casey says, "what’s the pastor’s name?" The homeless guy says, K.C." Tony says, Uh…oh…he tells me a story that three kids approach him near my office at church. They say to him, "you want to buy a guitar? We need the money for our rent."  Tony says, "okay."  Then he runs into the above homeless guy who proceeds to tell him about my office being broken into…Tony says, "Your name is K.C. My name last name is K.C….he says, "God works in mysterious ways"…and felt that he had to find me and get my guitar back to me…I’m truly blown away…humbled…and grateful…for my guitar being back…but grateful that for a moment in time…some guy name Tony Casey…who appeared homeless…and tired…and poor…and smelled…felt that he had to bless me. Blown away I am. It was a great day today. I miss my family. Lots. I also had a very cool time catching up with Marko this afternoon. Did I say I want his job? A man of God who cares about those in the trenches of ministry…and gets us youthworkers…I will post some pics of Tomlin leading worship later…again…a great day…and I get my friend back…Blown away!!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 3…Youth Specialties…

  1. My own tortured tunes will sound brighter today knowing your guitar is home. I mean, can you imagine David having to go acapella on the psalms becuase some desperate dude pinched his harp?

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