Day 2…Youth Specialties…

Marko_2 Excellent day. Loving it. Went to Marko’s seminar. Enjoyed it. Haven’t seen Marko for like a dozen years. Wonderful to see how God has used him and brought him and the family to YS. My one question I chickened out in asking in front of the many of the flock and that his seminar made me ponder, "Is denominational youth ministry dead?" "And should I give up trying to breathe life back into it?"  I had a chance to worship with my friend Andrew this morning and to be led into worship of our Lord by Tomlin. Enjoyed hearing Mark Yaco for the first time. My heart broke. All I saw and heard was his pop. I went and visited the prayer station in the main stage area. I really enjoyed the chance to kneel…to pray. I also went to Dan Kimball’s seminar. What a guy. I will blog more about my first impressions later. Had dinner with my friend Jim Byrne at PF Chang’s. The food rocked! Jim was a buddy from here and works here. Really nice to see him. Ditched Mr. Fields session tonight and was treated to a "diet coke" by my friend Brian Frick from here. Day two complete.


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