Can’t imagine…

092205_rita5 (I will never complain about traffic again) Hurricane Rita needs to chill out! I’m reminded though by my friend Steve that God does not have anything to answer for when it comes to his creation. Steve is absolutely right…but my heart still breaks knowing that there are thousands who hurt because of the destruction of the last several weeks. My heart still breaks also knowing that there are thousands who will blame God…my prayer is that these last several weeks will only draw humanity even closer to the possibility that there is a God and that he exists…a God who moves…who works…who reigns…and even sometimes seems to be quiet in the midst of pain and suffering…and my hope is that in that place of pain and suffering would be the place that the Lord would grab the hearts and minds of his people into his arms of love…read Steve’s take rant here on intelligent design. I’m also wanting to find and be with people who are willing to go out in faith, wanting to make a difference in the lives of folks who are indeed hurting, lost, and some how feel that God has abandoned them in the aftermath of Katrina and whatever happens this weekend with Rita. I don’t know what this looks like. I only pray for God’s wisdom in showing the church universal where it needs to be…where it needs to love…and where it needs to be a light in a world that seems to be falling apart before our eyes and that gives and breathes new life into so many in need of new life.


5 thoughts on “Can’t imagine…

  1. He has nothing to answer for. I sit in awe of his creation even if it means a massive hurricane rips through there friday. I’m just blown away and speechless. I feel helpless and can’t sit still, wanting to do something and finding that the only I can do is pray for his spirit to move, work, protect, and heal. It’s my rant for the day. Thanks for the reminder though Steve…I strongly agree with you…loving you!

  2. The feed service I use had your original quote from one of your pastors about God having a lot of explaining to do. I’m glad to see you’ve amended that thought, thanks no doubt to Steve’s comment.

    We do sometimes experience a sense of frustration and wonder at the things that occur in a creation that is groaning for redemption. I have been reading some of N.T. Wright’s articles on evil and the justice of God that reminds me of the very thing Steve has said above. Though God doesn’t explain these things, he has acted in an incredible way to defeat all that has gone wrong in this world and usher in a new kingdom of love and trust and reliance upon his sovereignity even in the midst of great tragedy.

    The articles are found at

  3. Thanks Tim. You both have truly called this young pastor to remember and to reflect on the greatness of God and that God is still loving and gracious and in control in the midst of the storms of life and to also edit and pray about what I write first before I post…thank goodnes! I forgot about the silly feed…attention those who get the feed…I have made things right…:)

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