A note from Toby…

Some of you might remember a couple of posts here and here regarding Pastor Nelson and his work with FEMA as a chaplain in New Orleans after Katrina. Here’s a note I received in an email about a report that should be on CNN this evening;

CNN did an interview with me that will be shown Wednesday evening at 7PM (in the west) on the Aaron Brown show. The subject relates to my work as a Chaplain at the Super Dome and the   New Orleans Airport. They focus on my discovery of 84 people on stretchers in the morgue – a majority of them were alive and left there to die. Toby Nelson

This Friday Toby will be here…

Rev. Toby Nelson of Grass Valley, California, will give a live report on his experiences at the Superdome in New Orleans in the week following Hurricane Katrina.   Toby serves as Chaplain with a Disaster Medical Assistance Team especially trained for responding to such tragedies.  His DMAT arrived on scene at the Superdome the day after the hurricane passed through New Orleans, and the day the Lake Pontchartrain levy was breached.  Toby’s eye-witness account is both tragic and inspiring.  Many were deeply moved by his presentation on the 9/11 Twin Towers attack when he spoke in Nevada County three years ago.  Please join us.

7:00 pm, Friday, September 23, 2005
at Christian Life Center
13010 State Highway #49
Grass Valley CA
(2 miles south of McKnight Way intersection)


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