A couple of questions for Rick Sunday afternoon…

Rickuffordchaseface_sml_1Rick, you
obviously have a heart for reaching the youth and young adults of our church
for Christ. You wouldn’t be here this afternoon if you didn’t. From what you’ve
heard across the country and through your visits with other churches, big and
small, rich and poor, do you see any hope for reaching not only our youth, but also our young adults? Two groups who are
obviously leaving the church quicker than we can say goodbye? Two groups who
don’t care much for denominational ties and the politics of church? What is the PCUSA doing to help churches reach these two
groups in the midst of a declining membership and attendance in worship on any
given Sunday? How is the church equipping its pastors and leaders in
understanding the needs of these two groups? Finally,
Have you had much dialogue with
those within the emergent
church movement
? How do you feel about its rise to the forefront of what
many are viewing as another means for reaching these two groups who are feeling
disenfranchised with mainline protestant churches?



One thought on “A couple of questions for Rick Sunday afternoon…

  1. Good questions. I echo your thoughts. Can you also ask him if he thinks its gonna be worth my time and effort to be ordained PCUSA someday? If the generations, such as my own are more interested in finding a church community rather than finding a denomination to allign with…will we see the death of many local churches, and in their buildings will emergent church plants be meeting? i just kinda wonder…since emergent folks do all the things that I like about being Presbyterian…and more. Ah, my dilema continues. Anybody have any thoughts?

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