YS Featured Blog…

Found out through Andrew a couple of minutes ago. Ok. I confess. I’m not as blogoriffic as others are. My blogomentors (they don’t know this) are pastors like Dr. Tod Bolsinger (San Clemente Presbyterian) and Dr. Mark Roberts (Irvine Presbyterian) and my buddy Steve at thygraceissufficient. My youth ministry blog buddies Andrew and Peter (Never met him, great blogger) are also a couple of bloggers who are proclaiming the gospel through their blogs. My desire is mostly is to somehow proclaim Christ and to add to the blogging ministry world. Muchas Gracias YS for the featured blog! As my buddy Andrew has now said, "the pressure is on." Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers on my blog, all great bloggers proclaiming Christ and of course Mr. YSMarko continues to add to the ministry blogging world and keeps reminding me of how much I’d love his job. 


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