Youth, worship services, and who goes where…

For those stopping by via youth specialties, I have a couple of questions for you youth ministry folk…

1. Do you have youth participate and sit in worship services on a weekly basis and why? Do you only have them attend worship on communion Sunday? If not do you have a pull out program for children and youth?

2. Where do you send your 6th grade students if some go to elementary schools and some go to Jr. High schools? Do you leave it up to the parents to decide where they go for youth groups, worship, Sunday school, etc? Do you have a special youth group just for pre-teens? Do you allow 6th grade students to attend Jr. High or do you keep them in the elementary aged Christian Ed. programs?

I know I’ve casted a few questions out there. I would enjoy the feedback.


5 thoughts on “Youth, worship services, and who goes where…

  1. I have been struggling with the same question about 6th grade students. Right now, I have them in the elementary Sunday School class (5th & 6th grade) but, they attend Middle School Youth Group; 6th- 8th grade.

    Congrats on being chosen by YS. I was shocked to find out a few weeks back that my blog was “blog of the week.” I had no idea how I was getting so many hits on my site.

  2. 6th graders.
    So difficult.
    In the valley I serve, all 6th graders are elementary students. I do a wednesday night thing “Club 56” where we make them feel special (cuz they are) and give them the “cool” feeling and still the support through this transition. I have also created a worship band out of some of my 6th grade girls, and have been trying to give them a special roll with perks. They are doing a fantastic job.
    Once they are 7th graders, I let them help wiht Sunday School…as long as it isn’t conflicting with their Junior High Sunday School. They seem to really love being treated like mini-adults and also love still being near the familiar in their children’s program.

    This summer for camp, we gave our ingoing 7th graders the choice between Adventure Mountain (5th and 6th grade) and Jr. High camp. Several opted for Adventure Mountain, and are now aclimating well to the Junior High group.

    There’s my 25 cents on the topic

  3. 1. Youth are in church each Sunday. For us, “youth” is 6th-12th grade. All the schools in our area are K-5, 6-8, 9-12 esxcept in Campbell where Campbell Middle School is 5th-8th. That is weird. One thing I LOVE about my church is that our youth run sound, they are in choir, they are in the praise band, they do offertories, etc. Offertories also include our younger kids. Our K-5th stay in church Communion Sunday and leave after the Children’s Message the other Sundays.

    2. Our 6th graders are part of the Junior High group. If a parent had a problem I don’t think we’d press the issue…but as the school are 6th-8th it makes sense for us. If there was ever another change…not sure what we’d do.

  4. Oh, and also…to answer another part of your question, yes, they are in service for the first 3 worship songs, and through the children’s sermon. After the children’s sermon children and jr. high are dismissed to sunday school…or as I have now deemed it sundayscool. Get it? ha ha! I love it…

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