Two of our little guys celebrate birthday’s this month. Our middle guy celebrates his this weekend. He says to me tonight before bed, "I can’t believe how fast the year goes." I responded with a good ol’ tell me about it son." I don’t have many memories of my parents being present on my birthdays. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember any of my birthdays where my parents took the time to be present and to show their love for me as their son. When I think of being present in a persons life, I have more memories of a youth leader or pastor being present in my life as a kid then I do of my parents. I even remember a birthday or two that they celebrated with me. I love birthdays with our kids! I love them so much because Deb and I get to be mom and dad. For me it’s the joy of being present. In the church it’s something I desire to model as a pastor. In my family it’s something I get to live out before our kids. It means I get to be dad. It means we get to give our kiddoes one of the greatest of memories they will ever have while growing up. A memory that they don’t have to dig out in some therapy session when they’re thirty. I want our kids to be able to say that not only were dad and mom present, they gave of themselves. They made us feel special. They were most definitely present.


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