With all of the Katrina stuff happening in our world I’ve not finished
a post I started a few weeks ago about something I heard in a small group of pastors.
The idea of leading means that there are times in a pastors life that
he or she has to take some lumps from those they lead. It means
honestly sitting and trying to understand a persons point of view.
Leading also means being able to admit when you’ve blown it. One
mentor friend refers to this trait of leadership as "keeping short
accounts." When a person feels loved, that you know them through and
through, you’ve in my opinion have earned the right to lead them. They
might disagree with you in some areas, but if they know they are loved, they are more inclined to follow. Leading also means there are times you just might not get your way. You might feel the Lord has blessed you with an awesome vision for reaching the world for Christ, but you might have to wait for another day and another to unveil that vision. This is something I’ve truly learned in my young ministry.

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