Recieved this tonight in an email…

Toby is a wonderful guy with a big heart. He was one of the first chaplains called to New York on 9/11 with FEMA. When I was leaving church this evening this was an email I received from a pastor buddy of Toby’s wanting his friends to pray for the Gulf states and for those who are grieving. I will post this pastors emails as I receive them.

Pastor Toby Nelson, formerly of Sierra Presbyterian Church, Nevada City CA, called me on his cell phone today with this report. He was “activated” Sunday afternoon as part of a FEMA Response Team, and flew out to Little Rock, then on to Louisiana by vehicle (presumably bus). He says new Orleans looks like a war zone. Indeed, looting and general unsafe conditions required that an armed National Guard unit escort the team into the Superdome, the site of their assignment. He said media is not able to paint the full picture. The situation in the Superdome is dire, critical – no power, darkness, no water for plumbing, with all kinds of crimes taking place including stabbing and rape among those trapped there. He discerns significant demonic activity and a great spiritual darkness over the New Orleans region. Significantly, for the first time in his service with FEMA, his Team asked him to pray over them before entering the city.

He made his report from the only quiet room he could find: the morgue at the Superdome. Toby said his cell phone battery was going out and he has no way to recharge it. I will forward next message when I receive it.


3 thoughts on “Recieved this tonight in an email…

  1. During our young adult small group tonight, I led them in some imagery prayer, where we visualized washed out houses and crowded shelters. Pretty moving.

    My prayers are with your friend.

    I’ll post it on my blog.

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