When I think of learning about the life of a church, I think of some of the old tricks of the trade. I know these are not new to you veterans. I try to have special youth group nights or events at kid’s homes throughout the year. It gives me a chance to learn about the student and their families. One oldie of a youth event is the “traditional thanksgiving progressive dinner.” It draws kids out and it’s also a way of getting kids together, especially the ones who don’t usually celebrate thanksgiving or who don’t have much of a family when it comes to the holiday season. I also have tried this last year to venture out and visit some of the older persons of our church. These fellowship groups or Marinerships have met for years. They’ve watched their children group up, have celebrated weddings, and have even celebrated being grandparents together. They’ve also celebrated loss together. These Marinerships have been a form of community for folks in many ways. It’s also a quick way of getting to know the church and its history. It gives me a chance to visit and to cast some vision for what the church has called me to do as one of their pastors. One comment I received this past year was, “we didn’t know all of the things that were happening at our church for youth and families, until we met you.”


2 thoughts on “Learning…

  1. Congratulations on bridging one heck of a gap. The comedy is how much the two generations have to offer one another and yet how difficult the divide to cross. Well done!

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