Their last meal…

One more reflection from my experience with this family we helped move this morning. As we finished the packing of their belongings to be placed into storage, we were invited to a quick lunch of chicken and rice. Even to the last minute, this lady saw to it that we were fed. The two of them had nothing left, just a few pieces of chicken, some rice, and a thank you or two. I don’t know if I will ever again complain about not owning a home yet. I do know that I will work on constantly remembering and reminding myself that we are truly blessed by God, knowing that my friends, who had nothing else and even as they were being evicted, showed an act of kindness in the midst of their own sorrow.


One thought on “Their last meal…

  1. KC..this kind of ministry is at the heart of what God has designed for us to do…prepared for us as in Ephesians Ch2:10..thanks for letting us pray…it shows the Lord can trust you with these critical issues….blessings are coming…Praise God

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