Church Wake Up!

I have to believe with all of my heart that the church must become a place where it empowers those who are powerless. Evangelical or liberal…the church must wake up. It must become a place where those who can’t find their way can get back on their feet. Our mission field is right across the street and next door. The Lord calls us to a life of walking alongside those who have hit rock bottom. Whether rich or poor, we have been charged with the responsibility of looking for ways of caring for the brokenhearted. The church doesn’t just stay open on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. It exists to serve and love the people of God as Jesus loved them in all of their brokenness seven days a week. Just an update from yesterdays post, one of the children decided that he would take his parents into his home on a temporary basis until they got back on their feet. The prayer is now that we find our friends a new place to live and a new job.


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