Ministry and memories…

When I was younger I remember a time my father was unable to pay his rent for our home in Hollywood. I don’t remember much about that day, but I do remember having to move out because of being evicted. I also remember the feelings of shame when we had to move into a motel near the boulevard where those who were at their rock bottom somehow ended up also coming together as one in the midst of the chaos of life. This past weekend there were some folks who were in need of help with their rent. They were given a three day notice to exit or the landlord would have to evict them from their apartment.

The couple had noticed our church directly across the street from them and decided to come and seek help. Guess who happened to be at the church that morning? This afternoon I again visited with this couple who are definitely at their bottom. In the next 24 hours they will have to move out. For some reason every door has closed upon their lives. I was on the phone looking for renters assistance for this couple through local and state agencies. Nothing. Their own children have turned their backs on them.

As I sat and tried to help them figure out their options, I had a sudden flashback of living in that motel with my father after we were evicted back in Jr. High. I felt like a therapist who was encountering a kind of countertransference of issues in the counseling relationship with a client. As I sat and listened to my friends, I was humbled and grateful for how God protected me, provided for my family and I the shelter we needed at the time. I now pray for these friends who look for the same grace and shelter needed, which at this point will only come from upon high. I call upon those in the blogging world who occasionally visit to pray for that grace and shelter they will both need in the next 24 hours. As for my sudden remembrance of issues from my past, I again am thankful for the overabundance of God’s mercies in my life.


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