Leadership essentials Pt. 2

The desire of any leaders heart is that their followers will watch, listen, and imitate the life of their leader. The kind of leadership Joshua was called to by God to imitate, was one of courage and of strength in the midst of the joys and sorrows of life. To be someone who is of courage and of strength requires that the leader learn how to come to grips with their own inadequacies and weaknesses. I believe this is where the leader is able to find his or her strength. I believe true leadership comes from learning from ones own brokenness. I believe that a leader who is able to fully grasp what their followers have experienced in life is essentially what will empower others to their fullest of potential. I believe because of what Christ has done for us in the work of the cross, reconciling our live’s, leaders are to model the art of reconciliation. A leader who can honestly recognize their need to grow from his or her mistakes will only help in bringing about any kind of reconciliation to any conflict that arises within the church or organization. This model for leadership reminds of a friend of mine by the name of John. John was called upon to lead a youth ministry staff that I was apart of that was experiencing some transition in leadership. Something John tried to teach me was that the role of the leader is to become someone who is about the work of reconciliation and restoration of the kingdom of God here on earth. I recall one relationship I had with a church leader who I’ve come to love as a brother in Christ. This leader and I had a disagreement about how a specific ministry was to be led. This obviously caused a rift in our relationship. John was very much someone who desired for me to move beyond my pride and to with courage attempt reconciling my relationship with this leader. Even if it meant I made the first attempt at reconciliation by apologizing with hope that this would restore our relationship. By God’s grace we were able to move forward. As a pastor I desire so much to be someone who is about reconciliation. I desire to be someone who works at modeling the model Jesus gives in being a peacemaker. I also recognize that I still continue to grow in this area of my life and that I need to trust in the promises of God that he will always be with me and will stand with me. Ultimately, I believe every pastor is called to become a leader of leaders, passionate for the things of God who works night and day at seeing that the Word of the Lord is lived out in every aspect of their lives as leaders and that the peace of Christ reigns. A wonderful pastor I know is finishing a series on peacemaking. I’d highly suggest you check it out.

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