A New Kind Of Christian…

I started reading Brian Mclaren’s, "A New Kind Of Christian." I previously posted that I’m a bit outdated when it comes to the emergent conversation. I also spent much of my time in seminary hearing and listening to the whole "post-modern" conversation as McLaren hints to in his book. As I read his book I do think back to seminary where I watched myself become timid when it came to my own faith as a Christian and love for the Lord. In seminary I was challenged to step out of my evangelicalness and to somehow learn how to dance the dance between both worlds of conservative and liberal views of Christianity and theologies that were either somewhat outdated or border line heresy and to still with enthusiasm and with passion somehow manage to carry out the call of Christ to go out into all of the world and to make disciples of all nations. I’m sensing this is where McLaren trying to go in his book as he trys to push the evangelical out of his or her box of naivete. The book has caused me to ponder that there have been times in my life where I’ve been ashamed of the Gospel.  As I read on, I know one thing for sure. I am a lover of Jesus. I’m just as much of an evangelical as I was prior to seminary and prior to McLaren’s book. If from what I’m reading is true though, the church as we know it will and has and will need to change which is nothing new to me. People are burned out. The church is burned out. The Jesus freaks of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s have run out of steam and have given up hope. We’ve somehow have become civilized and domesticated when it comes to our faith in Christ. Some where along the path of doing church, we’ve lost our zeal for being passionate followers of Jesus, communicators of the Gospel. Some how in the midst of the white noise of post modernity, we’ve been distracted from what it means to go out into all of the world and we’ve forgotten what’s most important to being a disciple of Christ. I would have loved to have heard this as I graduated from seminary…

…"Will you continue to live loyally in the fading world, in the waning light of the setting sun of modernity? Or will you venture ahead in faith, to practice your faith and devotion to Christ in the new emerging culture of postmodernity"…"I want you to invest your lives not in keeping the old ship afloat but in designing and building and sailing a new ship for new adventures in a new time in history as intrepid followers of Jesus Christ." (Pg. 38).

This piece will stay with me for a long time as I seek to listen to the Holy Spirit and to ponder how to be a Jesus loving, evangelical, conservative, unashamed of the Gospel and to still somehow keep up with the rapid change that is taking place within the church and within the culture of religion today? 


4 thoughts on “A New Kind Of Christian…

  1. I recently read McLaren’s book and should have the other two in my eager hands in the next day or two.

    I really think that he issues a challenge to all Christians to keep up with the rest of the world, in order to learn new ways of sharing Jesus.

    Above all, what I get most out of some of this is the need for me to learn how to genuinely follow Jesus, how to be real.

    Keep posting your thoughts. I’m just learning this stuff myself and it helps to converse with someone else.

  2. Thanks for your reflections. I really like the book and the conversation within the book Tim. Though I wonder if the book is an excuse to just kick back…an excuse to “dance” on both sides. I will keep you posted.

  3. the dicotomy that you pick up on is much more extreme in A Generous Orthodoxy. I’m glad people are out there thinking. I wish that the Emergent moniker had started as Conversant. We have to talk. There are a lot of questions on the table, let’s get all barbarian and start to pray for answers.

    I like Mclaren alot. Just read a real bender, “Gender and Grace,” Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen. Awesome…simply awesome. It blows the hinges off of the genders roles as culture dictates and those, sadly, that the church dictates.

    Good night, brutha…might call ya here soon.

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