Final thoughts…

A final reflection regarding Erwin McManus’s book, "The Barbarian Way. The book is really a charge to the church to become an unstoppable force…

"But when members of the barbarian tribe line up across the battlefield, side by side, something amazing begins to happen. Dark kingdoms tremble; the dungeons and prisons that hold men, women, and children captive crumble; prison doors open; chains unlock; and multitudes come to freedom. Whenever the barbarians of Christ pass through civilization, the oppressed and forgotten are soon found dancing in the streets." (Pg. 134).

What an honor as a follower of Christ to be apart of such a great calling to move about as a community of faith unashamed and unafraid to be people of transformation.

2 thoughts on “Final thoughts…

  1. I also loved this book. Very challenging stuff to impliment.

    They have a conference called “Origins” every year out at Mosaic. I got to go this year, and he really expanded some of the ideas from Barbarian Way. It was awesome. If you can go next spring, it would be well worth the trip.

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