The Conversation

Thanks to my friends Kristie and Andrew I’ve dusted off a couple of books about the emergent conversation. I guess Dan Kimball’s book, "The Emerging Church" is a good place to start. I guess my head has been in a cloud since seminary regarding the whole emergent thang. I’ve heard bits and pieces over the last few years about the emergent conversation. I’ve even posted some links to blogs that have some good bloggin about the emergent story. While at Barnes and Noble last night I started reading Erwin McManus’ book titled, "The Barbarian Way."  His whole premise thus far is that Christianity has been made into a civilized bunch of folks afraid to let their heart for Jesus shine, afraid to unleash a true and bold kind of faith that transforms lives. I pray that I’ve not become a civilized Christian afraid of letting the light of God’s love shine. I pray that as I study and look to God’s Word that I will catch a small glimpse of what it means to be more than just an emerging kind of pastor, hip to all of the emergent talk, with all of the cool books, but to be a pastor who truly desires to let the fire in my belly shine out into the darkest places of the world. Even the church. I’m now jetting back to the Barnes and Noble cafe with my boy to finish reading Mcmanus’ book over a cold iced venti nonfat mocha. Lord be with you. Peace out!


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