To emerge or not to emerge…

Don’t know who the guy is, recieved this link in an email from some No. Cal pastors. An interesting read. From the little I know on the whole emerging thing, I would most likely fall in the middle somewhere, but I found this interesting.


3 thoughts on “To emerge or not to emerge…

  1. Interesting.

    Though in my experience of emergent and where I’d like to see emergent go, I think he’s making too many generalizations that aren’t really indictive of emergent of what good is trying to be accomplished.

    In defense of emergent (which I really shouldn’t do, cause no one can really defend emergent) I would say that we are seeking in bringing truth and non-complacence to church and to people. It’s not watered down, and it’s not like we leave out substance.

    Just my two cents…

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