Who should model it?

Who is to model servant leadership within the life of the church? When I think of servant leaders, I think of leaders who take the time of stepping down from the top and being amongst the pews of our churches. Leaders who truly care about what’s actually happening in the lives of the people. I know for me this is something I desire to be as a pastor. I want to be seen as someone who enjoys serving just as much as leading. What would the church look like if the pastor of the church came down from the top office of the church and ran youth group one night? Maybe two? How about doing a series on a hot subject from God’s Word? What if the pastor took the time to go on a mission trip? How about counseling camp? When was the last time you saw the pastor teaching a kids Sunday school class? Are there churches with pastors who take the time to come alongside their staff? Are there pastors and head’s of staff who jump into the trenches of ministry with their own leaders? Something our pastor does every Fall is teach in one of our mid-week children’s ministry programs. This way the pastor is seen and parents and children both have a chance to see him in another role other then being the pulpit guy. I also know from reading a few blogs over the recent weeks that there are others who practice that same kind model of being involved and present. The importance of being seen and actually being present in the middle of something truly amazing is in my opinion important to any church and should be expected by any church of its leaders. 


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