To know Christ and to make him known…

This is a rough guess. I googled Ms. Henrietta Mears vision statement for Gospel light. Something like 6,770,000 sites with the words, "to know Christ and to make him known." What would she say about the state of the church as it is today? (I’m talking about evangelical christian churches across the world) Who would she go to first? I’ve often wondered what Ms. Henrietta Mears would say to the church if she were granted 24 hours here on earth. When she began her Gospel Light ministry, her vision for ministry was "to know Christ and to make him known. How many of our churches across the world have made that their vision for the way they do ministry? I worked for a church that had her vision as their vision statement. I know her heart would break over the way things are going within the church. The small amount of information I know about her life is nothing compared to those who served with her and who came to Christ through her ministry. Here is what I think she would say; "Get back to work. There are lives to be saved. Stop belly aching over the sins of the church and get back to the business of loving and making Christ’s love known throughout the world." If it were not for the many who loved me and nurtured me in my own faith, people who were also heirs of Ms. Mears ministry, I know I would not be where I am at today in my own life. I can’t help but think of Psalm 71:18;  "Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come." Ms. Mears had to have had the posted on her office wall sometime in her ministry.


One thought on “To know Christ and to make him known…

  1. To,

    Dear Friends in Christ,

    Greetings to you in loving and gracious name Jesus Precious Name.

    I am very happy to introduce my self to you as a Rev.KLPMoses Sr.Pastor and working with the Team of Pastors in the parts of South East in India Woe is unto me, if I preach not the Gospel” 1.Cor.9: 16

    We humbly request you to pray for the Lord’s Ministry in India, It is a matter to regret that India, still remains as one of the least Evangelized Nations of the World. Still there are thousands of Villages without Gospel and millions of people yet; to hear the Good News of Jesus.

    We are prayerfully reaching the un-reached Communities and People Groups in different parts of India, in fact, people in these places are living without the Love and Gospel Jesus Christ, (instead of worship the living God, the Creator of the Earth and Heaven, they worship creature viz.. idols like pigs, Cows, Trees, Monkey’s and tortoises etc, and They are ill-treats and agriculture Laboueres they earn very low daily wages, which is insufficient to live on with their families, in other words, they are poor and needy and down- trodden people. for this, we need your regular prayers and co-operation forgoing forward in our Lord’s Great Commission to Reach and Win many lost souls for Christ. And we ask you to join Hands with us to pray fervently for great Revival and a Rain of the Holy Spirit to fall upon this Hindu nation so that we may reap the Harvest. .”BEHOLD, I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white for the Harvest.”John4: 35

    Ours is an Independent faith Ministry and we rejoice in the Lord and happy to share with you that many perishing souls have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through our Ministries. And we Praise God, for enabling us to Reach the Un-reached People Groups for Christ and also for establishing small Churches in different Villages, Towns, and Tribal /Hilly Costal Belt and Slum areas And we do both Church Ministries and Field Ministries.viz.. OUTREACH, CHURCH PLANTING, SUNDAY SCHOOLS, YOUTH MINISTRY, WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP (S) OPEN AIR GOSPEL MEETINGS etc…We rejoice with you in the Lord as OUR CO-WORKERS, OUTREACH TEAMS and PASTORS/ NATIVE MISSIONARIES are diligently and faithfully working in our Churches and Outreach for the Glory and extension of His Kingdom.

    By His Grace, We are running a Children Home, there are 40. Children, and our Ministry; feeding, clothing, giving shelter and educating these Orphans, poor and needy deserving Children. In fact, due to lack of either Sponsorship or any financial support or donations, we are facing many financial difficulties in paying monthly Bills to Suppliers of the Children’s Home. We are waiting on the Lord as Children and we are praying to God in tears to raise Sponsors for 22.Un-sponsored Children that are under our care (we have Sponsors only for 18.Children) altogether we have (18+22) =40. Children in our Children’s Home, Will you please pray with us to God to touch the hearts of the people to Sponsor the needy Children and be a part of our Children’s Home and the Ministries. Thank you in advance for praying with us. We are Praying to God bless you in all your attempts and expectation.

    General information: By Sponsoring a Child, Sponsor has to make a big difference in life of an Orphan, Helpless, and Hunger Child, by providing the good food to eat, a place to live, clothes to wear and medical education. And the Child will have a Christian education with genuine opportunities to grow, and above all, Day to day the Child (he/she) hears the Good News of Jesus’ Love and Salvation. “Pure religion and undefiled, before God and the Fathers is this, to visit the Fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world” James.1: 27. And if the Spirit of the God moves some one to Sponsor Needy Child, Welcome to them to Sponsor one Child or more Children as Lord Leads. . On hearing, we will send the Child’s History and Photo to the Sponsors. We Welcome Sponsors to Visit their Sponsored Child and spend some days with the Child and with us here in India.

    And we hope that the spirit of God will guide you that how you can be a partner of our Independent faith Ministry and our Children’s Home and small Bible College in India.
    Be blessed more as being a part and partner of our Ministries, by Praying, supporting with your love gifts and offerings and visit us and Minister together with us in a person and Matt 28:19-20. And “Bare one another’s burden and so fulfill the love of Christ” Gal 6:2. All of us, our Co-Workers and Pastors, Churches, Ministries and our Children’s Home and our small Bible College are joined me in sending their warm Christian Love and Regards to you.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    With kind regards and prayers,

    Yours “Together in His Great Commission,

    Our Mailing Address:
    “Happy Valley” s
    Christianpet,/P.O.Box 23.
    Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Details of Photos of attachments

    Nos. C.208 207 and 206, our
    Gospel Meetings /Crusades.

    S.No. 201, 203 and 204 one of our Pastors Conferences.

    S. Nos.215 and 216.are worship Team of Crusades
    (Choir and Orchestra)

    GCH. S. No. 2. Group of photos of Children’s Home Children and
    Mrs. and Rev. Dr. KLPMoses.

    S.No.3. Our Children’s Home Children are in their devotion
    and a girls is reading the word of God from New Testament.

    S. No 4. S.No.3. Our Children’s Home Children are in their devotion
    and a Boy girls is reading the word of God from New Testament.

    S. No. 6. Mrs. Krupamani Moses w/o Rev .K L P Moses is
    Worshipping the Lord with Children of Children’s Home.

    S.No. Children’s Home Children’s are closely listening to the
    Bible stories by Mrs. Krupamani Moses w/o Rev.KLPMoses.

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