Blogger Vs. Typepad…the winner is…

Tyepad wins. Why? I like the look. It’s easy and user friendly. No html. Nothing. You can do so much more than blogger. I can’t wait to play with the picture photo album. I’m envisioning a typepad blog for our student ministry at church. I’ve been looking for ways of posting pictures from camps, retreats, and mission trips. I’ve also gotten tired of doing those silly youth calendars, playing with clipart, and making my youth calendars on publisher. Does anyone really read them? This would be so much easier for me to update. I can send it out to parents and students alike through an email list. Assuming that families have high speed Internet access. My only issue is as my friend Tim has mentioned is what if you only average maybe 8-10 folks per day? Is it worth paying for a blogging service? I will also have to figure out a way on how to increase traffic. Time to start praying for ideas.


One thought on “Blogger Vs. Typepad…the winner is…

  1. Paying for TypePad is worth it if you see value in it regardless of the number of hits you get in a day. I suspect that if you make it a practical tool as well, you will see a big increase in traffic.

    But, I’ll probably stick with Blogger for now because it is free, and I like things that are free. Plus, despite the recent surge in the value of our dollar, I still get paid in Canadian funds and would have to pay in U.S. dollars. šŸ™‚

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