To Know Christ And To Make Him Known…

Simple. Clear. Attainable? By all means. What’s needed? People. Lots of people. How come the same song and dance occurs right around the middle of summer? Sunday school teacher recruitment. No matter how hard the church works, no matter what the pastor says from the pulpit, no one seems to jump at the thought of being a Sunday school teacher. How can I as a pastor help the people of God buy into the vision of knowing Christ and making him known? Is there another way of finding people with time and with a passion for communicating the gospel message? The reason I’m ranting about this issue this morning is that there is a wonderful person in our church who recently called me. He says, "Pastor K.C. I’m calling to ask if you would train me to be a Sunday school teacher. It makes me so mad that no one signs up. I don’t know what I’m doing, but if you can help me, I’m willing." I only need about a dozen more of those phone calls by the middle of September.


5 thoughts on “To Know Christ And To Make Him Known…

  1. You got a call! That’s butt kicking! Go up to someone, tell them that you love them and you want to hang out with them, share life with them. And then do it. You’ll have more teachers (and disciples) than one Sunday school can handle.

    Rock on. Love the new look and of course, for some reason, I am partial to the pad.

  2. Dude….Typepad, you are so completely hip. Let me know what you think. Do they have a tool for bringing over all your old Blogger posts? If they do, I am in.

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