Nighttime reflections…

As my oldest has a week off from his two younger siblings we parental units are getting some extra quality time with the two kiddoes. Each one of them are a blast in their own very special way. As young pastor still trying to find my place in the world of balancing my marriage, family, my kids, and the church I still have to stop and listen to those ever so small nudges from the spirit of God. The small reminders that I’ve not stopped to enjoy the most important part of my life and my calling. As I tucked the boys in tonight, I remembered something my oldest would always say to me early on in my ministry, “dad, take your shoes off.” I finally figured it out what this meant after several thumps of the head from the Lord. You see me taking my shows off meant I was home for the night. To this day the first thing I do when I arrive home from church is take my shoes off.


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