Time together…

I often find myself placing onto my kids my own desires to be the perfect father when it comes to spending time with them. When opportunities arise for us to be together I don’t want to miss them. When you didn’t come from the greatest of households growing up as a kid, there are things you wish your father or mother would have done that they didn’t do and being and spending time together with us kids was often what they didn’t do as parents. My sons are becoming of age where entertainment is key to spending time with good ol’ dad. For me as a kid, I would have loved to hear my dad or mom say, “Hey, you guys want to go to a baseball game today?” Or, let’s go get some lunch and then go to the mall for some ice cream.” Or, how about a movie?” Or, how about playing catch? Where do I draw the line as a parent when it comes to helping my kids differ between having to be entertained and just being when it comes to this idea of quality time? How do I help them get to a place of wanting and seeing that being together doesn’t require a game boy? Is it fair for me to expect my kids to jump at the chance of spending time with me? Or….are their needs for quality time with us parental figures being met and I’m just a complete nimrod for wanting my sons to think like me? Of course I have to have some kind of twist to this mornings rant. Often my busyness does seem to get in the way of me spending quality time with my heavenly father. When was the last time I truly went to God’s word and meditated on it and conversed with my Lord about how he has bestowed upon me the grace and the blessing of his mercy onto this discombobulated sinner?


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