Spider man action figures are often found on my kitchen floor or bedroom floor when I get up in the mornings. Often these little action figures will show up throughout the house for us parental units to step on and break our ankles. Anyways, my kids love these action figures. There’s something that happens when a couple of kids get together and pretend that they are a superhero. I can think of several superheroes in my life that I’d love to imitate. Imitating God’s love to my family, our friends, and to the world has to be at the top of my life. Is it hard? By all means. My sermon yesterday was really about what it would mean if we were to bless others with God’s love. What if we were to imitate the love of Christ to all those we meet and greet? Even with people who differ with us in all aspects of life. Even our enemies. The church has to ask the question, "what would the church look like if we were to truly imitate the love of God?" I’m guessing the church would look and sound a whole lot different. For me how do I teach, model, and equip others in the church to model a kind of love that has the ability to move mountains? How does a young pastor convey this message in a day and age where people are just way to busy and are burned out on life? How do I as a pastor empower the church to come to grips with the fact that when Jesus said, Go out into all the world, it really meant, "while you are kicking back at Starbucks or Peetes coffee make sure you imitate my father’s love in every way you can. A love that is for the broken, the lonely, those who are hungry and who are looking for a bit of shelter from the storms of life. How I do make Ephesians 5:1 come alive in todays church?


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