My gosh…

What do you do when your own son hits the age of being able to attend his fathers youth groups? In our church we’ve decided to allow sixth graders who attend a Jr. High or Middle School, or even an elementary school to come and participate in our Jr. High youth ministry.

This then means that my oldest son who is going into the sixth grade and who will still attend his elementary school that is grades K-6 in the fall gets to come to youth group. Fast forward to this weeks recent Jr. High youth group. Picture this. Loud Jr. High students swimming. One of the dads grilling some burgers and of course me trying not to pass out from playing a game of basketball in the pool with some Jr. Highers. Then reality hit me as my oldest son bummped me in the pool while I was playing. AGHHHH! My son is in youth group! I’m not sure what to do with this yet. I’m seriously thinking about having him check out Wild Life near our home, a Jr. high ministry run by Young Life. This way he has his own “place,” his own “leaders,” and his own “identity,” away from, “isn’t that your dad over their pretending to be able to play basketball and having a heart attack from not being able to keep up with those little Jr. Highers?” My gosh!


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