A Blessing To Others…

There are days that I wonder if there are others in the world who see it as their call to be a blessing to the world and when something happens out of the norm it catches you off guard. I happened to be here doing some shopping then stopped here for some quick grub. The Carl’s Jr. in the mall doesn’t take debit or credit cards and I happened to lack the funds to pay for my meal. There was a sweet family next to me in line who noticed and insisted that they pay for my lunch. Now I know it’s not a big deal. It came at the right time in my day where I was encouraged and felt blessed by someone’s kindness. I made it a point to share with the person that blessed me how grateful I was. She had made mention that her pastor talks about how we are to be a blessing to others. You see a need. Meet it if you can. It reminds me of this movie. Anyways, always nice to be blessed by someones generosity and kindness. The Lord uses even the smallest of reminders of how he has blessed us even when we least expect them.


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