I have to say that each and every day was a blast. If I were to choose between being the “camp dude,” for a week or at church, I would choose camp dude. It was a great week. I loved every moment. It was also a great opportunity to hang with some collegians who are just at the very beggining of their youth ministry experience. The best part of the week was when I got to invite kids to to make a decision to follow Christ. There’s nothing more awesome then inviting a bunch of Jr. High students to considering what their lives would like if Christ were the center of their life.

One of the other joys I have had over the years is leading worship for the churches I’ve served. I had the chance as a youth to watch pastors I had as a kid like Mark Roberts and my youth pastor as a kid John Geary model what a worship leader was to be for a flock of folks looking to worship the Lord. My other worship influences for worship leadership came out of the Vineyard with worship leaders like Eddie Espinosa and the founder of the Vineyard, Pastor and Worship leader, the late John Wimber. This past week I got to help lead the music for the Jr. High camp I was at with our youth group and where I spoke. What an awesome experience. I don’t claim to rock at the guitar or even to have a voice like Esponosa, but nothing beats being able to lead a bunch of kids into the throne room of our God.


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