Day Two…

It’s hard to know sometimes if you have hit a bulls eye when it comes to talks with kids in youth ministry. Tonight’s theme (Which the camp wrote) was, “No matter what: God can count on me.” I changed it around a bit. “No matter what: I can count on God.” Now I know Jr. High was an interesting experience for me as a kid. I often was lost and unsure of what in the world God was doing in my life. I felt that tonight’s scripture conveyed a message that no matter what we go through in life, especially as a Jr. High student that God is with us. The Lord was most certainly present in my life and I hope that they got that same message that God is always present in the toughest parts of our lives and that we can rely on him to pull us from what feels like a lions den. The best part of today was that I got to hang with some of the kids from our church at poolside. One reflection about ministry today was that over the years there are trips Deb and the kids haven’t attended with me. I always miss them when I’m away and I only pray that the Lord will bless them this evening. They do get to join me on Friday. I can’t wait.


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