Summer CAMP is here…

I remember the night before camp. I usually stayed up as long as I could until I finally fell a sleep . I also wished I lived at camp as a kid. I hated being at home. Camp for me was a way of escape from the chaos of growing up in a alcohol and drug dependent family. As I write this I laugh. Two of our kiddoes/campers are almost all packed, teeth brushed, mom’s out at target shopping for last minute stuff, and both are still wide awake. What’s cool is that I get to go. Can’t wait! I also get to speak to around a hundred Jr. high kids about God loving us no matter what! To be a kid again!!! This time though I praise God that our kids have a wonderful home, with loving parental units, and a place they feel safe, cared for, and where the Lord lives and loves them. No matter what!


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