Weddings and stuff…

(The Young Couple Almost 16 Years Ago!)

I just finished working with a young couple on plans for a wedding that I’m officiating at in July. In my first year of ordained ministry I’ve had the opportunity of officiating at three weddings. Between now and October I will officiate at three more weddings. I’m blown away by the responsibility that I’ve been given as a pastor to work with couples in helping them prepare for marriage. It’s an honor and at the same time a bit nerve wracking. You do your best for what you’ve been given in your little training as a pastor to equip, encourage, and teach couples how to be in right relationship with God and also with one another. It’s also a call for me to pray that the Holy Spirit will protect and will keep each of these couples empowered, equipped, and encouraged and built up for what each will face in their lives together as husband and wife. I’m also reminded when I get to meet with these couples of where God has brought Deb and I in our marriage. We’ve worked hard. I’m truly blessed by Deb in who she is and all that she is to me and to our three beautiful sons. God’s grace is amazing. I’m also grateful to the pastors and folks who modeled for us what a strong Christ like marriage was and should be.


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