The Juggling Act

I guess you do what you got to do. It’s a must. Parents of children have to sometimes juggle family, employment, and busy schedules. I watch this life style of being way to busy and overworked amidst the parental units of our own church. For me as a pastor I am learning what it means to juggle ministry and family. At church I watch moms and dads come and go from our pre-school to work or to whatever they do for three hours to stay ahead of schedule. I see half of them at Starbucks filling up on the wannabe juice of life to get through the day. I also watch us as parents try to keep up and remember who has to be where at such and such time and to help the kid who can’t find their baseball glove or hat. Somehow we still manage to keep it together. God’s presence, his strength, a hope to those who lack hope, promised to those who need him to make it through the day? This is what I live for. I also confess it’s sometimes hard to rely on that strength for which the Lord offers to me.

I don’t know about you, but our summer is about 15 hours away for our little guys. Already we have had to transition into a part-time job for mom at night and dad the go to guy while mom brings a pay check home while off from school for the summer. I now understand what my sweet wife endured while I was off being “seminary boy.” As all three guys have finally hit the hay I can remember being gone at night studying while in seminary and wondered what happened on the home front while I was cramming Karl Barth, John Calvin, and church polity into my tiny little brain. My wife played many roles and wore many hats. And still some how taught full-time during the day. Cleaning. Referee. Gourmet chef, a 3 year olds play buddy, and more cleaning. Thank you my God for MOM and all that she is and does! Thank you Lord for the strength that you give to us as parents to manage the stuff of life and especially for your love that gets us through the day and that fills our house, our kiddoes, and our lives.


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