Old man kasedog

I have feared the day that my body would begin the transformation into that part of life where one needs to start paying attention to how he or she takes care of themselves. In youth ministry especially one has to pay attention to how they are treating and honoring the bodies that the Lord has blessed us with. For me as a dad my three sons need me to be healthy and ready to be dad! For several months I have had numbness in my right hand. Carpal Tunnel? Maybe? About a month ago I went and saw our doctor. She ordered some x-rays and yesterday I got the dreaded phone call. She said, “well, everything is fine,” but…you have arthritis in your spine. “What?” “I’m to young to have arthritis.” She says, “I know. You’re just a baby. you’re just getting old. It’s normal.” “It happens to all of us.” So, today I will now begin plotting how I will not get old. I have no doubt I will moan some more later on, but I’m off to my middle son’ school musical. Say a prayer for my sweet wife as she begins a part-time summer job as a target employee. (The joys of being a school teacher who has summer’ off)


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