Madagascar rOcKs sorta…

Just got back from the movies with the boys and another family from church. I had more fun hearing my three year old sing, “I Like to Move It.” Although CT gives it a “sorta” for a good family fun movie, Madagascar was worth seeing. I still think you should go see it. I will tell you why I liked it later after I finish writing my sermon. I’m flying solo tomorrow. The other cool cat pastors are on “retreat” hanging out with other cool cat pastors from across the country. One of the cool cat pastors they get to hear preach is the Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann who is one of the many preachers I got to hear preach while in seminary at Princeton. Anyways, I drew the short straw. I’m actually glad, because all I’ve done all day is hang out with the family. In my opinion, family time trumps pastors retreats any day.


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