Some of my favorite…

Youth pastors and youth leaders as a kid were some of the strongest of evangelical women I had ever met. I remember Gail who was with me when I accepted the Lord at a Jr. high winter camp when I was in Jr. High school. She spent the first few months of my life as a baby Christian teaching me how to study God’s Word and how to pray. We would meet weekly. I remember Beth who drove me home weekly after youth group and spent hundreds of dollars on meals and cokes on me nurturing me in the faith. I remember Dorothy who today I still refer to as “mom.” I recently ran into Liz who would drive me to church every week faithfully. Making sure I knew I was cared for and loved. Liz was this excellent guitar player and had a heart for leading worship. I remember Julie and Tina. Both were women I looked up to as Godly women. Lisa was a constant and faithful encouragement to me. Jodi. Deb. I can name several others who were blessings to me. I even think about my wife Debbie who was looked up to by so many of our churches youth when we were serving together years ago and modeled for so many what it meant to be a follower of Christ. There is a new web site for women who are in part-time, full-time, and volunteer youth ministry that you must visit. Praise God for women youth pastors and youth leaders! Check it out!

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