Dead Batteries!

I was recharged today by the Holy Spirit. Two young adults from our college group stopped by today and helped me with my car. My car battery died while I was in LA over the weekend. You see I’m a nimrod when it comes to changing a battery. I could help you translate a passage of scripture, but I couldn’t tell you where to even start when it comes to changing my battery. These two dudes took the time in the middle of their finals week to come and replace my battery. Often in ministry our battery dies. Discouragement settles in and we often need a jump. What I’m learning is that sometimes the jumpstart doesn’t work until you remove the old battery. What in our lives needs replacing by the Lord? What areas in our lives need a jump start? As I watched the dudes drive off after my car got some new power I felt recharged by the Spirit of God. A new power and a peace to continue dealing with what was left of my day and feeling grateful for the few moments I had being ministered to, instead of doing the ministering.


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