Another cool thing…

Something I’m coming to appreciate in my first year of ordained ministry as a pastor is the importance of making family first over my call at church. People will look to my example as a husband, father, and pastor in the way I love and honor family. I heard Chap Clark once say that, “you can always find a job, but you can’t always find a family, wife, and kids.” These last two posts are reminders to me that God has called me to love and honor family above my job. Today I praise God for our kiddoes. Earlier today I told you about my oldest sons school and his work with his buddy at a retirement home his teacher takes his class to every Friday. Another cool thing I love about our kids school is the way cool music program. One of the events my oldest son and his school choir have been practicing for happens here tonight where they get to sing the National Anthem before the opening pitch at the Oakland A’s minor league AAA affiliate baseball game. Along with the weekly visits to the retirement home with his class, the music program rates on his other favorite thing to do at school. I do not remember doing the things my kids have done this past year while I was growing up in good old Los Angeles Unified schools. Praise God for opportunities our kids have and for teachers who take the role as educator as a huge blessing and responsibility.


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