Today is a reminder for me in that I’ve been called by the Lord to help nurture and teach my sons the importance in giving God thanks for MOM. It truly is a day that is about loving and praising God for Debbie. For years I felt a void because of her jumping ship while I was in high school. After many years of not being in contact with my mom I had become somewhat certain that she either had died or had simply fallen off the face of the earth. My earliest memories of my mom were when her and I would walk to the near by safeway market where we lived in Hollywood. I remember her coming to my elememtary school when I had a hard day with some kids and then she then took me over to a greasy hambuger stand on Hollywood Blvd and cheered me up with a late afternoon lunch. What I remember most about my mom was that she was someone who did the best she could with what she had. When I found out she had died in a car accident in the late 90’s I experienced a wide range of emotions. Although I grieved her death I was relieved in that the Lord gave me closure to the void I had experienced for many years. The Lord I know has healed me of some painful years. I’m certain most of the Lords healing comes from my desire to honor God by loving Debbie and my sons with all of my heart. Praying for Debbie when I ever I can. Most of all praying that my boys will remember daily the importance of loving Debbie as their mom.

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