Peace and love

After reading my buddy Steve’s blog this morning it made me think about yesterday and a conversation Deb and I had with some parents as we hung out with our kids at our children’s elementary school after church. It was the schools annual fundraiser and auction. It was a great day of music and fun. Many of our kids friends and their parents know that I’m a pastor. Some of our kids buddies and their families have even ventured over to church because of the friendships our kids have made at school which is kind of cool when you think about it. Kids are the best evangelists. As we hung out we were chatting with one set of parents when the conversation my wife started turned into a church shopping discussion. What I found interesting is that this parent made a comment that what she was looking for in a church was church that focused on peace, love, and service. She also commented that she wanted a place where her kids knew someone already. She commented that the church she was attending with her family was, “one of those hell fire and damnation,” churches. She even said our church seemed to be more about peace and love. Is this what folks are looking for today? A place where they feel all peaceful like and loving?


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