When the past meets the present…

Does the past ever meet the present? I’m almost positive there are things in my life that have happened to me for whatever reasons that pop up in other places in my life and in my ministry as a young pastor. Good and bad habits. Past sins that haunt me. Experiences as a child that occur as memories in other parts of my present life. The church is filled with people who hold onto the past. The church is composed of people who bring their past into the present. How do I help the people of God recognize the past, deal with it, then move forward knowing that the gospel is about letting the past go, trusting God with the present, and the future? One of the challenges of a first call is deciding when it is okay to cast and implement vision? Helping people recognize the past as a history that makes us who we are as a church and at the same time empowering those around me to see the need for a new vision for doing ministry? I have no doubt this is what a new pastor experiences any where in his or her life in a first call. It’s also learning how to navigate through the “remember whens” and those who believe the past is much better then the present and is the basis for doing ministry.


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