“Help for the Hurried Home”

There is a mens Bible study and small group at church that I’m involved with and one of the members recently suggested a book by Tim Kimmel called, “Little House on the Freeway.” I don’t know about you but it seems that there is no time to breathe the breath of God while in the midst of the hurriedness of life. Kimmel suggests that there are at least seven characteristics of a hurried home: You can’t relax, can’t enjoy quiet, you’re unsatisfied with what you have, you have an absence of absolutes, you’re over worked and under-appreciated, you worry about stuff you can’t control, and you’re not happy unless your successful. For us relaxing and being quiet tends to be a huge for us as a family. Learning how to be still and to be quiet in the presence of an almighty God who desires to be the center of our hurried lives is what I strive for as a husband and father. I also know as a pastor and what Kimmel highlights in his book is that the church tends to be one of the problems in promoting hurried lives. The question then is how do I equip families who live hurried lives to stop, listen, and breath the breath of God and how do I help the church be the solution and not the problem to the hurriedness of life? I will read on!


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