The Best Day Of The Year!!!

This Sunday our youth at church get the chance to do what most youth Sundays look like in most churches who freely give up a normal typical Sunday worship service. Each of the youth (Children included) get to do everything us pastor dudes and chicks do. We pastors get a break from being the worship leaders. It’s great to even watch the Senior pastor “relax,” from the normal routine of preaching two services. The best part is to watch and hear the Gospel proclaimed from the heart. No lexicons. No commentaries. No bible dictionaries. To be honest I love it! There is something though that happens to me on these special days in the life of our church. When I watch the service unfold…I realize and remember where I started as a pastor. I realize how the Lord has walked with me over the years. How the Lord has saved me from what seemed to be a life of complete and utter loneliness. As the service happens I also remember the first time I got to help lead in worship. I remember when the pastor had me up front helping lead the people of God. On this special Sunday I come to grips with the fact that we the people of God are a broken exhausted over worked group of sinners who are in need of renewal. IN need of the Holy Spirit to work. On this special day we again recognize the need to once again approach the throne of Gods grace with confidence and complete surrender. Just as our youth do when we empower them and believe in them that they are just as capable of proclaiming the Gospel as much as we are. What would our churches look like if it were Youth Sunday every Sunday??? Just a thought or two. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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