When the powerless feel empowered…look out!

What happens to a group of people who feel they have no power? What is the role of the pastor when it comes to empowerment? I can’t help but think the model for servant leadership that Jesus gives to us in scripture is the best tool for empowerment of the laity. The life he lived and the gospel he proclaimed is the greatest example of how we should live our lives in the kingdom of God here on earth. My belief is that as pastors and leaders we are called to be servant leaders. We are to practice what it means to be a servant leader as Christ did for us. Servant leaders empower the powerless to becoming full disciples of Christ. Servant leaders don’t care about what you look like, how you sound, how you smell, or whether or not you are a scholar of the bible. Servant leaders love as Christ loved the church. Servant leaders go after the powerless. They go where no one wants to go. They’re not ashamed of the gospel. Servant leaders pray for the powerless. They pray for those who also have too much power. They pray that they might become people who come to grips with the fact that the kingdom of God is about loving and empowering the powerless to becoming the true church. A place where the broken hearted can still worship and gather whether or not the four walls of the church are still standing. A place where the Lordship of Christ is proclaimed and where lives are changed, healed, and empowered to go out into all the world loving the powerless into the kingdom of God. What if this happened today? Where the broken hearted felt empowered to becoming messengers of hope and good news! And what if servant leaders learned how to be servants first? Look out world! Look out church!


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