Relaxed and refreshed…sorta?

(Mark’s new book)
Retreats are great! I love time away. Here’s my problem. I miss my family, I feel guilty for relaxing when my family is back home, and I freak out that five days of being away only puts me behind five days from all of the stuff I left unfinished prior to leaving in a rush on the first day. What did happen though while I was away was the realization once again that I am called to be a husband and father first. I am called to be a pastor second. On retreats that I’ve been on I’m also reminded of my need to be in prayer and in study of God’s Word daily. As I write this I’m also reminded that I fall short in these areas as a pastor. While relaxing in the book store at Mt. Hermon I found a book by an old pastor friend written by Dr. Mark Roberts. The book is called “No Holds Barred.” Marks book deals with what it means to be in deep prayer with the Lord and he uses the Psalms as a means for developing a prayer life with “No Holds Barred.” What would the church look like if it wrestled with the Lord in prayer and what would we as pastors look like to those we serve if we were people of prayer?

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